While it is generally assumed that old age accompanies health issues and weight gain concerns, Aretha Franklin weight loss and recent transformation literally stocked the world and lit the self-generated assumptions into ashes.

Well, that’s how it is!

No wonder, none of us ever expected that a 75 years old would do what most of us can never commit to- fitness!

Aretha Franklin weight loss

The singing sensation that once had a voluptuous body, seems to showcase her noticeably lighter figure today.

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Now, that’s an achievement worth admiration.

Age: 75 years.
Height: 5.4inches.
Weight loss: 85lbs.
Dress size: 6

The plus-sized singer Aretha has a career spanning six decades. She is famous for her hits like I say a Little Prayer, Ain’t No way, Daydreaming and Natural Woman.

Aretha may be fit in her early ages, but the youth today has always seen her overweight and big. But thankfully, things are not the same for the singing icon anymore, she has successfully lowered her weight and seems in a better size now.

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So, what became the reason for Aretha Franklin to give such a serious thought to her health and fitness? Let’s find out!


As a photo of I knew you were waiting singer sitting right next to Ricky Dillard emerged on Instagram, her legion of fans literally went into shock.

Aretha FranklinBasically, the photo revealed Aretha showcasing a noticeably slimmer physique very much proudly.

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If I talk about myself, the lady has immensely changed my outlook on old age.

While we relate old age as a phase wherein we care least about our appearance, Aretha has simply did something very unconventional, but inspiring.

Sadly, the singer may not be able to remain this active in her professional career.

She has revealed her retirement plans from her live performances, but has promised to record for her fans. 

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When questioned pertaining to the drastic change in her physique, the evergreen Aretha credited her ailing health condition to be the cause behind her transformation.

According to her, her health was constantly deteriorating and bringing that much needed change ultimately became a need for her. 

Back in 2010, the singer was said to suffer from pancreatic cancer. As per the sources, she also went underwent surgery, however, what made her go under the knife is still a mystery.

In an interview, Franklin detailed about being a diabetic patient.

She further added that she was overweight for a very long time and her struggles against her excess weight were not new.

She has been in a constant struggle to restore to a healthy weight, and reaching to his point is finally a milestone for her.

It is perceived that Aretha Franklin weight went down to normal as she started following a healthy lifestyle right after her surgery.

The famous singer bid farewell to all her excess weight by reaching 2012.


Even though, Aretha is no mood to perform live anymore, but her transformation has made some very positive changes in her life.

Aretha Franklin weightAs per her, she feels more charged up and energetic now, and being in shape is too exciting for her as she feels young again.

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When questioned about the changes she made for results like these, Aretha did not shy to detail what worked for her.

The icon made necessary changes in her diet first. Aretha Franklin diet was majorly based on whole foods.

She completely restrained herself from having junk, sugary and high fat foods.

As per her, feeding herself healthy was the best she did to herself. It has helped in restoring her nutritional sanity and keeping her fit.

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Even at this age, she feels more active, energetic and positive all the time.

Aretha Franklin workout involves walking. She always prefer going on her feet to grocery. At times, she walks a lot in the store, even takes double rounds.


Weight gain and being overweight is a past for Aretha, who affirms that it will never happen again.

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She will never repeat the mistakes she was previously making in her lifestyle.

Aretha Franklin Weight Loss

She is actually enjoying her time being fit and healthy.

Aretha, the once voluptuous singer is totally unrecognizable today. See Before and After Anavar Results for more reviews.

All thanks to her hard work, which has enabled the singer, live an active life even at this point of age.

Check out Aretha Franklin before and after photos to get some dose of fitness today.